By the end of 2019, Giving Circle had 30 members and generated a total of $3000. The Foundation supported two projects in India. Both these projects are in line with Giving Circle’s vision of supporting underprivileged children in India.
At Swayamkrushi in Hyderabad, the Giving Circle Foundation has funded a drip irrigation program. The idea behind the drip irrigation project is to help students learn farming skills and develop self-reliance. The land cultivation through the drip irrigation will help them sell produce within the community and generate income.
Giving Circle also supported the tribal girl education project at Agragamee school in Orissa. The ‘kau dake ka’ workbook is sought to help first-generation learners in communication skills and comprehension. The program will reach out to 100 first-generation young learners in the tribal communities of rural Orissa.

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Giving Circle is a nonprofit community of families who connect, develop and advocate for the sustainable betterment of startup NGOs focused towards education in less developed countries and USA.

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