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SwayamKrushi Drip Irrigation System

Swayamkrushiis an organization based in Hyderabad, India. They work towards rehabilitating the mentally and physically challenged children and adults.These children and adults are placed in group homes under the supervision of resident staff members. The goal of the Swayamkrushi program is to rehabilitate these challenged individuals so that they are able to return to their own homes and find employment. Swayamkrushi conducts several vocational training programs and provides treatment based on the individual needs of these children
Swayamkrushi is doing great work in rehabilitating severely challenged children and young adults. Geetha shared that one of the items they have in their wish list is the drip irrigation system. Swayamkrushi wants to grow its own vegetables and fruits and be self-reliant. She mentioned that this would be a good way to support them since we can physically see the drip irrigation system once it is installed.

The cost of drip irrigation proposed by Swayamkrushi, for an acre of land is Rs.75000. Some of the other items in their wish list are tube lights, emergency lights, fans, doormats, chairs, supporting salaries of teachers, onion cutter, etc.

Agragamee School Literary Program

Agragamee School provides quality education for First Generation school children from poor tribal families in the remote Block of Kashipur in Rayagada district of Odisha. Rayagada is part of the KBK (Kalahandi BalangirKoraput) region known for its poverty and underdevelopment. The 8 districts of this region have some of lowest literacy rates in India, with the literacy rates for girls being even lower. Thus Agragamee School provides education only for girls.
The crucial and immediate need is sufficient TLM, as without basics like slate and chalk, and notebooks and workbooks, children will not be able to learn. Agragamee’s method is also proximated on well-designed workbooks that take children through fun and creative exercises, removing the boredom of rote memorisation, and engaging the child’s attention and interest to learn by doing. Workbooks combined with training also provide a road-map for teachers to guide the child through the challenging and difficult first year of school learning. As the First school goer in her family, the child has little academic support at home, and all school learning depends on the teacher. The teacher thus has to be skilled and resourceful to address this need of the child. A well developed workbook helps the teacher guide the child through the initial stages of learning, as also provides ideas which the teacher can use.

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Giving Circle is a nonprofit community of families who connect, develop and advocate for the sustainable betterment of startup NGOs focused towards education in less developed countries and USA.



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Es schlägt standardmäßig mit 28.800 Halbschwingungen pro Stunde und bietet eine Gangreserve von 60 Stunden, eine angemessene Zeitspanne, wenn man bedenkt, dass es sich um ein Automatikwerk handelt. Aber wie bei den meisten ewigen Kalendern sollte die replica uhren Aufrechterhaltung eines guten Aufzugs Priorität haben, da das Zurücksetzen der Anzeige oft nicht das ist, was ich persönlich tun möchte (und den Zweck eines ewigen Kalenders sowieso irgendwie zunichtemachen würde). Das Kaliber schaltet das Kalendermodul nachts mit einem einzigen Impuls weiter.