Founded in 2019, GivingCircleFoundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization started with a purpose of helping underprivileged kids around the world by providing support in areas of education, healthcare and social welfare.

How givingCircleFoundation works

The Giving Circle meets on a monthly basis to share current research/best practices, identify NGOs (and the associated local contact person(s)) of interest, and develop the metrics by which to measure desired outcomes.

Proposals From Past Years

Following proposals were considered for grant making from previous years.


Nonprofit Organization providing quality primary education to the first generation school children from poor tribal families. Empowering women with education and livelihood.


 Kolkata Foundation partnered with RHCF and Mukti to distribute medicine packs, oxygen cylinders and concentrators to Kolkata during the second wave of Covid.


GivingCircleFoundation donated essentials items for Stand up for kids, an organization that helps homeless families in San Diego.

Become A Member of GivingCircleFoundation

Giving Circle is a nonprofit community of families who connect, develop and advocate for the sustainable betterment of startup NGOs focused towards education in less developed countries and USA.

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